The Market for Automotive Lubricants

At Research Solutions, we have compiled individual country reports on Automotive lubricants for many territories ranging from China to Sweden. Within these reports we can offer profiles for all competitors in your chosen country including the following data:

- Market Size and Breakdowns by:

  • First Fill vs. Aftermarket
  • Engine Oil vs. Ancillary Products
  • Engine Oil by Type of Vehicle (Commercial Transport, Passenger Cars, Motorcycles, Others)
  • Type of Oil Base (Mineral, Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic)
  • Type of Supplier (Oil Company, Blender, Importer, Relabeller)

- Import Penetration

- Channels of Distribution (Direct to End-user, Wholesalers, Distributors, Garages, Petrol Stations, Retailers)

- Market Shares:

  • First Fill and Aftermarket
  • Passenger Car Market
  • Commercial Transport Market
  • Motorcycle Market
  • Mineral, Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic

- Sales Resources of Major Suppliers

- Market Development 

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Automotive Industrial Lubricants Market

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