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Industrial lubricants serve diverse needs - everything from metal forming & removal to hydraulic fluids, food grade oils, glass or cement molding or even printing applications.  While there are many specialists within these markets there are numerous suppliers who have a broad portfolio & the market for major categories such as compressor oils, gear oils or turbine oils need to be documented.

Much like other lubricant markets we see large numbers of players in each country and consolidation is in progress, be it majors such as Shell disposing of some food grade business or Houghton acquiring Braemer.  Consolidation at this pace needs market data & we have the profile of every operator in each country we study.

Our country reports cover markets from Japan, Russia & Turkey to Mexico and include the following detail:

·    Market Size

·    Breakdown by Type (Machine Oils vs. Metalworking Oils)

·    Breakdown by 12 Industrial Sectors

·    Machine Oils (Mineral vs. Synthetic)

·    Machine Oils (Hydraulics, Gears, Greases, Compressors, General Machinery, Turbines, others such as Mould Release, Heat Transfer etc)

·    Cutting Fluids (Neat, Synthetic, other Emulsified etc)

·    Metalworking Fluids (Soluble Cutting, Neat Cutting, Forming/Rolling, Rust Prevention, Heat Treatment Oils)

·    Channels of Distribution (End User, Relabellers & Distributors)

·    Market Shares

·    Market Development to 2007

·    Sales Resources of Major Suppliers

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Industrial Lubricants Country Study

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